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The city of Cologne has now agreed to   5  the already existing parking machines  to a free button 15 minutes short parking option "). 

In the area of these 5 parking machines, the prescribed proportion of "everyday needs" could

be detected.



This applies to the following machines:


Parkscheinautomat 2780 (Aachener Str. 398)   zwischen  Maarweg und Pauli Str. 

Parkscheinautomat 2781 (Aachener Str. 408)   zwischen  Pauli Str. und Burtscheider Str. 

Parking ticket machine 2784 (Aachener Str. 514)   between  Eschweiler Str. and Eupener Str.

Parking ticket machine 2785 (Aachener Str. 515)   between  Braun Str. and Kitschburger Str.

Parkscheinautomat 2786 (Aachener Str. 543)   zwischen  H.-Pflaume Str. und Braun Str. _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 

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